Bringing Moses Home – To Stay

Moses is ten years and was originally adopted 6 years ago from a baby’s home in Uganda. He had been there since right after birth until the time of adoption. Stories were told to the family regarding the giving of his name by the caregivers at the baby house. The area where he was found as an infant was marshy, and they believed that location coupled with his being rescued was significant. They believed him to be a special boy, like the baby spoken of in Exodus 2 and Hebrews 11, so they named him “Moses.”

Per his family’s report, the only special need initially disclosed was a speech impediment, but as soon as he arrived in Louisiana (his first home), it became clear more was going on. Moses has not been officially diagnosed with autism, but he displays many typically autistic behaviors. After our team’s time spent with him and learning his story, it is more and more clear that there are many things going on with him that are a result of early-childhood deprivation and trauma. The need for consistency, stability, and conscientious care are paramount for his success. However, up until recently, this wasn’t able to happen. Due to a variety of very significant changes in his world over the 5 years he spent in Louisiana, Moses was unable to remain there and was ultimately left in need of a new home and a permanent family.

Enter Jody and Mandy Stewart, a family from Texas, who at the time of Moses’ need for a home, had just moved to Oklahoma and were regrouping and starting a “new life.” They are no strangers to needs like Moses’ nor to adoption. Mandy shared with our Grace Haven Team:

We adopted 2 sibling sets in 2015, through foster care in Texas. We moved to Oklahoma in the summer of 2015, in pursuit of a God-sent job, home, and land for our large family of then 13. It was during that transition that we heard about this boy named Moses. When I caught wind of his story, it took deep root it my heart. My concern for him wouldn’t fade. I followed his story and shifting of residence for a few months, and then I couldn’t stand the thought of him moving indefinitely yet again. Not sure we were equipped, but willing to do whatever it took, we made arrangements to bring him into our home. His story is unique in the fact that he has been in desperate need of solid medical/therapeutic team around him for so long, and he just has not had that. Since he has been in our home he has moved mountains improving in areas. He was nonverbal upon arrival, and he now not only speaks but can carry on minimal thought provoking conversation. He has learned to ride a scooter and a bike really well. He can write his name and knows a few sight words. He still has so far to go, and the biggest hurdle we have is getting him a formal diagnosis. As we are walking this adoption road, we want to be very careful which paths we pursue because we are trying to gain the most benefits for him. He is a happy, loving, sneaky, very smart boy. He is amazing. And we love that God picked us to be his family.

Some of our team who have had the joy of meeting and working personally with Moses have come to love him, too! They say:

He loves to swing, he loves Cinnamon Toast Crunch, he likes to bounce and dance; and he has an obsession with shoes. His smile is infectious, and it only takes about two seconds around him to totally lose your heart!

He has now been “indefinitely” in the Stewart’s home for almost one year. As Mandy reported above, he has grown immensely in multiple ways. He is successful in school, has siblings whom he loves and who love him, and he is learning about Jesus and enjoys praying with his family. This family is bound and determined that he will never move again. They are hoping to make him a permanent part of their family by beginning the adoption process. In doing this, though, they can put him on their insurance and ultimately begin getting him plugged into that medical care and those support therapies and teams that he has desperately needed for years. Mandy is a strong, resilient, picture of grace, making her the perfect person to advocate Moses through these channels. God knew this and clearly orchestrated his path to this family who would see him with the same heart as his Heavenly Father. The Stewarts are excited to see how Moses will continue to grow and prosper under a covering of love and the nurture and care God intended for him ALL ALONG!

If you would like to encourage or help support Moses in his care, or bless the Stewarts in their effort to make him a forever part of their family, CLICK HERE.

On behalf of Grace Haven, Moses, and the Stewarts:
Thank you so much for joining us on this journey!