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The Nachtmann Family for Vin

March 7, 2017

We are the Nachtmann family; Chet, Amanda, Lena and Vika.  Our adoption story began in 2010 when we were longing for a child to love.  We had been married for 2 years before we started trying to grow our family, and it just wasn’t happening.   We became foster parents but sat on a license for 6 children without a single placement.  In the mean time, we were acting as respite care for families.  During this time I was also working as a braillist for a visually impaired student while we were just waiting patiently for that placement!  This was when we first considered adopt
ing a blind child.  At first Chet said, “No way!” until we met a little boy named Will who was a tiny 4 year old with a cane and a personality as big as the world!  Will was from China. It was after him, that Chet said, “Well maybe one.” Ha!  We all know how that goes!

So, in March of 2013 we found ourselves in Ukraine adopting Lena (8 at the time) and Vika (7), both blind.  That was the beginning of our journey through love, prayers, tears, sweat, and hard work of healing from trauma.  Blindness isn’t life ending.  Our girls do everything!  They ski, horseback ride, run, rollerskate, ride bikes, hike and camp!  They frequently walk to the park and Lena, now 12, has been walking to school just two blocks away.

Well, when we got back from adopting, we found out that we were expecting!  I was so excited that I felt like God had told us to go and adopt and perhaps now we were being blessed in our obedience.  When we lost our baby at 12 weeks, we were devastated but God had other plans.  He knew that without that hole we wouldn’t have looked for another child.  Now more than ever we know this path to Vin in Serbia is God ordained.  Vin is 3 years old and was born without eyes.  We believe he is meant to be ours but we need some help getting to him and bringing him home. Out of sadness, there can be great joy!   We wish we could show you a photo of this precious boy, but laws prohibit us from sharing.

We are thankful for the love and support for our family.  Currently, we are in need of $13,000 to complete our adoption.

You can follow us at www.theresoneless.blogspot.com

Blessings,  Chet and Amanda


For we walk by faith, not by sight.
2 Corinthians 5:7

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