Loving on Lavena

received_1822533987966425-1Lavena has TRULY been loved on!  All of the funds have been raised for her helmet and we praise God for it!  Please continue to keep her in your prayer for the helmet to come soon and for her complete healing.  Thank you for being a part of blessing her and we will follow up with updates on how she is doing.

Her mom has asked us to extend a heartfelt THANK YOU!

Update July 2016!  Lavena has had her new helmet for a month now and is tolerating it very well!  We were able to visit with her at her home yesterday and found a giggly, sweet, and active little girl.   Nothing is going to slow this precious one down one bit.  She is an absolute joy and carries a bright light.

Lavena Needs a Little Lift!

God has answered many prayers by placing Lavena and her twin brother in a loving family to care for them.  She is thriving and 13170632_1807482942804863_1791218494_o-1in many ways overcoming several areas of delay that came from early neglect.  Currently, Lavena needs a helmet that the orthotic company is unable to bill for, and the family must pay $1,500 out of pocket.   Time is of the essence.  The doctor would like her to wear this helmet for 6 months  and not beyond the age of 18 months.  Since she just turned 12 months, she needs that helmet now.   We are believing that every small amount put together is a kiss and blessing of healing upon sweet Lavena’s head.  THANK you for sharing her need and for praying for her and her family in the months to come.  God loves us so very much!!

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