Making Matthew Smile!

Meet Matthew Whitten!  At 15, this courageous young man has undergone multiple surgeries to help him live to the fullest.  He was born with Aperts syndrome which means, his skull bones, cervical spine, fingers, toes, and shoulders were fused at birth.  Thursday, August 25th, he will have his 25th surgery at Children’s Hospital in Little Rock to help him breathe easier.  Currently he stops breathing many times each night which can often cause seizures.  Matthew is feeling a bit apprehensive about this upcoming surgery  so after visiting with his mom, we thought we would make his heart leap with joy by surprising him with something he really enjoys – getting mail!  That’s right…  He loves to get homemade pictures and cards in the mail and when we heard that, we thought, THIS WILL BE FUN!

We want to shower Matthew with love when he gets home from the hospital!  This is a great opportunity for you to enlist the help of your children to bring a smile to this boys face.

You may send cards to:

Matthew Whitten
5887 S. 45th St
Rogers, AR  72758

Some interesting facts to know about Matthew!

  • He was adopted at 3 months old.
  • He loves riding horses and playing baseball
  • He prays for people in disasters that he hears about
  • He loves to praise to Jesus in worship songs
  • He dreams about playing an instrument in a band and even got to join the Arkansas Razorback’s Marching Band on the football field!
  • Loves spending time with his family and wants to make more friends

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