The Manuel Family – A Home for Henry

We are the Manuel’s, a military family currently living in Missouri.  An international adoption is something I’ve always said I wouldn’t do.  I’m not good with paperwork,  deadlines, writing, etc.    However, after living in New York the last 3 years, we began to hear the voice of God whispering to us His invitation to become part of His plan for adoption.   We honestly hoped it would go away but instead, God spoke even louder and more frequently to our hearts about this.

Once we moved to Missouri,  I called over 20 local organizations to try to adopt domestically.  All of them were a closed door and not one of them pursued us or gave us any hope.  However, the minute we called Great Wall of China, an international agency located in Texas, the door opened so widely that we walked right through!

Since then, we have been matched with a little boy, born in 2015. His name is Henry and he currently lives in China. We are blessed to know he resides in a medical assisted foster home with good care.   We are so excited to bring Henry home, into our family, and for God to use this adoption as a catalyst of change in our own hearts.

Thank you for praying for Henry and for our family.  This support means so much to us.

The Manuel Family

2/20/2017 – Just under $3,000 has been raised for far of the $10,000 need.  Praise God for an amazing outpouring.  Keep praying and sharing through February!   Thank you, GH Family

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