Note from Nataly: It’s a Good Life!

Recently Nataly Briggs shared her heart about her very special family.  You can follow more of the Briggs’ family journey at

It’s Adoption Anniversary Month for Luke and I! Luke and I were adopted on October 6, 2004. He was 2 years old and I, 11. We were adopted from Izmail, Ukraine. Luke had many special needs. He had problems with his heart, cleft palate, some sort of a knob attached to his back, and his legs were out of shape. My parents didn’t see any of it, their first thought was ” That’s our son!” They were looking through God’s eyes! All the money in the world was worth helping Luke live and it became a reality. He is now walking, talking and is very intelligent!


At the same time my parents saw a picture of me and chose me. I think that’s very special! Although I didn’t have medical problems, my story was that I was abused and neglected by a mom that was an alcoholic. Believe me, that’s a special need right there – a need inside a heart that began to believe that it deserved nothing better. It took time to heal by being loved by people that cared. Nothing that happened to me back then matters now, because I was saved from all of it! I will never think about that part of my life because I simply have no reason to. I couldn’t ask for a better life than I was given to live now!


It’s hard to believe how quickly time went by. We’ve been living in the United States for 11 years now. My parents are special people, it doesn’t take long for a person to realize that fact. The Lord placed a desire to love orphans in their heart and they built their life around that. No doubt it’s God’s dream! I’m thankful for them! Thanks God, Mom and Dad for giving me a family!



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