Fireside Fellowship

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Fireside Fellowship

Fireside Fellowship is an outreach connecting adoptive families through tailored activities aimed at strengthening relationships within the family.

Adoptive families often become isolated and stuck in unhealthy relationship patterns, and without education this can hinder attachment within the family. Children with a history of trauma are at risk of missing milestones that help them relate to others appropriately. These children need safe places to learn relational skills in an environment where people understand them and will encourage them.

Grace Haven hosts activities that are directed toward modeling empathy, identifying emotions, and increasing the ability to cope with their frustrations in order to assist in self-regulation. We work to help children recognize and name their feelings, and then process those feelings in a healthy way.  The team’s goal is to model good boundaries and recognize the difference between relationships with family and non-family members. We consistently and diligently redirect the child to the adoptive parents in order to reinforce the relationship in the mind of the child.

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