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Transformed by Grace

Transformed by Grace is an outreach to the church and other community partners, providing information about how to best support adoptive families.

Adoption is filled with a variety of emotions: joy in growing your family, sadness due to the loss that the child and biological family have suffered, anger because of circumstances that have led to trauma in your child, and fear of the unknown especially when facing unexpected and difficult to manage behaviors. These are only a few of the feelings that someone might experience when going through the adoption process. Every adoption is different and emotions from each one will be different according to their circumstances.

Adoptive parents often feel alone as fear based behaviors emerge. Not only do close family and friends often distance themselves, the adoptive family has a tendency to isolate themselves in an attempt to better deal with and process these behaviors.  

Adoptive parents can feel overwhelmed and may not know how to ask for help. When a family makes themselves vulnerable enough to ask, support systems don’t always know how to respond, because they do not know how to best serve, and have not been trained to understand the inherent circumstances surrounding adoption.

Through Transformed by Grace you will learn how important your role is in strengthening the bond between parent and child, how to positively interact with adoptive parents who are nurturing children from trauma, and how different giftings within the church and community can serve in wholly caring for the family as they heal. The right support can prevent the pain of the disruption** of an adoption. Transformed by Grace is one piece of our outreach that attempts to prevent disruption whenever possible.

**Disruption of an adoption is when a family can no longer support an adoptive child in their home and the child either returns into the system, or alternatively a new family is located.