Why We are Needed

Why Grace Haven is Needed


As the orphan crisis increases globally each year and state foster care systems overflow with children, the church continues to advocate and encourage families to join the cause through fostering and adoption. While there has been an increase in adoptions, there has also been an increase in the number of disruptions and dissolutions.

Many of these families report being given false reports, lack of preparation, and little support and resources to care for the special needs their child entered their home with. Many do not understand that because of the crucial role of attachment in the growth and development of all people, every adoption will ultimately have a special need of some kind, even if the family didn’t specifically open themselves to a child with a “reported” challenge or special medical condition.

Many families in desperation have tried “doing it” on their own only to burn out. Other families have searched for respite opportunities or families who are experienced to help them navigate their new family life. There are more and more developing laws in our country to address this emerging trend and there is a desperate need for families to find appropriate and knowledgeable counsel before they make decisions.

Grace Haven is needed to be that understanding sound compass in crisis that will help them create a plan to bring resolution to their situation and ultimately healing in the home. Our goal is that every adoption will be a successful adoption.